How We Farm.

Moyer Farms is not completely organic but we are diligent in our

efforts to minimize chemical use. We will have organic produce once

we have completed our greenhouse and hydroponics expansion project (currently in the process of adding 5 more large greenhouses and a hydroponics system). For our product grown in open fields we will continue to minimize chemical use and remain committed to building the health of our soil. To achieve these goals, we utilize farming practices such as cover crop, crop rotation, plasticulture, farmscapes, manual removal of weeds when feasible, minimal or no till as much as possible, and addition of high quality amendments to the soil.



Who Is Moyer Farms?

We (Nathan and Erin) started Moyer Farms in an effort to build a farming business that could not only provide for our 4 kids, but also include our kids.  We are both 2nd generation farmers and can’t imagine any other life than farming (except when it has rained for 2 weeks solid, been a drought, hail and wind just pummeled the fields..…then we start imagining what it would be like to sell everything and move to Colorado, wait tables, and be ski bums☺).


Nathan graduated from Northwest Missouri University in 1999 with a bachelors in agricultural business. He worked for over 15 years in the agricultural industry, gaining valuable business and agronomy skills on his path to farming on his own. Additionally, Nathan is no stranger to produce farming, having spent many hours as a child and young adult helping his parents on their produce operation (his parents have been growing produce for over 45 years now).


Erin graduated from the University of Missouri in 1998 with a bachelors in agricultural economics and from the University of Kansas in 2003 with a bachelors in nursing. She continues to work as a registered nurse at North Kansas City Hospital and is expanding her training into functional medicine. She is passionate about health and wellness and believes strongly in the importance of good food for good health.


The Moyer kiddos are enjoying being a part of the family business.  However, they are still convinced the barn would make an awesome American Ninja Warrior Gym or massive basketball court.☺ They seem to think that would be more fun than picking and sorting tomatoes!