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100% Grass Fed & finished Beef from Moyer Farm

Bulk Meat Buying 101


What is the Pricing For Beef?

Whole Beef - $3.75/lb*

1/2 Beef (side) - $4.00/lb*

Split side - $4.00/lb*

(side split evenly between 2 customers)

Front quarter - $4.25/lb*

Hind quarter - $4.50/lb*


*Prices are based on hanging weight which is roughly 60% of live

weight. Hanging weight is the weight of animal after it has been

slaughtered and head, skin, unusable organs, and hooves have been



How are Processing Fees figured into costs?

Processing fees are paid directly to the butcher. They are

roughly $0.70/pound of hanging weight + $60 per head

slaughter fee that is divided out amongst the buyers.

Estimated processing fee for a 300 pound side of beef

would be approximately $240.


What are the steps for purchasing bulk meat?

1. Preorder beef with us. Pay $200 deposit at time of order.

2. We will notify you when we deliver animal to the butcher

and provide you with the butcher’s contact info at that time.

3. Upon delivery to butcher, animal is slaughtered and then hung

in a cooler for 10-14 days to dry age to improve tenderness

and flavor.

4. During this time you will call the butcher and complete the

cut sheet over the phone so the butcher knows how to cut

your portion of the beef.

5. After aging is complete, the beef is processed based on the

instructions on the cut sheet.

6. The butcher will notify Moyer Farms when beef is ready to be

picked up and then we will call you to discuss delivery options.

Remainder of payment to Moyer Farms and to processor will

be due prior to delivery of beef.


how much meat do i Actually Get?

Take home weight is approximately 60-70% of hanging

weight. Variance is due to the difference in animals and on

how it was processed. Rough averages for take home

meat are 85-100 pounds for a quarter, 175-200 pounds for

a half, and 350-400 pounds for a whole.


what is the Estimated Cost Per Pound of Take Home Meat?

The estimated actual price per pound (including processing fees)

will be somewhere in the range of $6.50-$7.50/pound.


How does Moyer Farms Raise its Grass Fed Beef?

Our cattle are grass fed AND 100% grass finished.

We do not use hormones or antibiotics.