Our Store.

Built in 2016, the store has been a great addition to our farm. Our mission with the store is simple:  to provide fresh, local, and healthy foods to our community. During our peak season of June through October we have tons of fresh fruits and veggies from our own fields as well as apples and peaches from local orchards and various Missouri grown products like salsas, marinara sauce, pickles, elderberry juice, and jams.












In addition to produce, we have frozen Moyer Farms 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef for sale in individual packages in the store or by bulk (quarter, half, or whole). CLICK HERE for pricing of individual cuts of beef available at our store.


Two other popular products at the store are raw honey from our beehives and Kansas City produced Tea Biotics kombucha (a fizzy fermented tea loaded with probiotics).


For the fall season the store is filled with decorative items. Moyer Farms pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes are our biggest attraction but we also have mums, cornstalks, straw, and painted pumpkins and gourds.